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Cryogenic grinding method is crumb rubber in the low temperature embrittlement and mechanical grinding of a method, the method, the particle size smaller than crushing method at room temperature of the powder.
cryogenic comminution technology first industrialized in 1948, the United States of LNP has developed a commercialization of liquid nitrogen to freeze grinding polyethylene technology. 1957 Japan developed liquid nitrogen freeze grinding devices, mainly used for smashing PVC. 1960 United States presents more detailed practical liquid nitrogen freeze grinding plastics and rubber unit.
is first shredded plastic or rubber with liquid nitrogen cooling, and then use the screw conveyor into the crusher to crush it. This device is still being used. 1967 Japan Toyo acid Su
Corporation has developed a crush of polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer based grinding device of liquid nitrogen. Such devices to reduce consumption and lower the powder temperature of liquid nitrogen, and additional material pre-cooling heat exchanger as well as recovery of powder heating and hot and cold heat exchangers. In 1971, Germany also presented Japan Toyo acid pigment Corporation of the same programme.
United States UCC (Union Carbide Corp) company also discloses a rubber freeze grinding patent in the same year. Around 1973, countries have published a large number of liquid nitrogen crushed rubber patent, and with it has come into production applications. One representative of the United States UCC company, Germany's Linde company, Japan's Toyo acid pigment Corporation, France Laivligui company, Sweden's Trelleborg company, Ukraine and Russia some of the companies. China in the 1990 of the 20th century, according to the principle of freeze grinding, developed a new cryogenic comminution is different from the liquid nitrogen freeze grinding method, namely air expansion refrigeration cold ground. Low temperature experimental units engaged in the development of Chinese Academy of Sciences Center, 609 Institute, and XI ' an Jiaotong University, Beijing University, and built in the domestic industrial production lines. China Qingdao rubber co has developed a liquid nitrogen freeze grinding production new technology of cryogenic comminution of rubber powder and production line completed in Qingdao.