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Tire continuous grinding method is a typical smash I at room temperature method, first from Japan developed by Kobe steel, Kansai environmental Corporation using this technology, and Japan built up powder ' manufacturing facility.
production process using two crushers and two crushing machines. Two crusher for crushing pretreatment of waste rubber, another is above breaking rubber part is broken into 50mm slabs, then again into the crusher crushing. Use crusher and roller crusher is different. Its shell has two interlocking shapes have special rotor, cutting about a crushing of waste rubber. Mill photography screen below, after crushing the material after a screen separation, do not meet the size requirements of material cycles in the mill until the size provided by the chopping, and then excluded from the bottom. Remove powder, through two sets of magnetic separator to separate out ferrous metal impurities, continued to tour the cyclone feeder away second crusher for crushing. Crushed powder into vibration classification screen graded, according to 1mm.
1 a 3mm, 315 mm and 5mm to a Shang into 4 a grade, and, and grain diameter 5mm above of rubber powder after points selected device removed impurities and by containing of CF Hou, in returns for crushed, and grain diameter small fish 5mm of rubber powder, into density separation machine in the, according to different of grain diameter Shi to different of vibration and wind role, to removed fine fiber, and also to again after bar rough mystery and County separation device further processing, and party can get meet standard requirements of rubber powder products. Key equipment for fine
this approach I shredder. Latest Japan Corporation and Damien Comolli developed by European firms, a typical specification as the PO type 1600 Vulcanized rubber with rotating Disc Grinder. when the waste rubber powder. By two rotary-disc Special disc (water-cooled), can produce a particle size (0.297~0.640mm powder,. The device can also be used to deal with leather, wood and thermosetting resin. Production of this grinder can 1 l 50~100kg/h; disc diameter 60mm rotational speed 465r/min; feeding size 1350mm x 1350mm x 1150mm quality 1300kg: 3mm about the scrap I CR when crushed into powder 640~500 u.m, production dropped to 512kg.