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Waste rubber powder is in the presence of machinery, processed into a variety of different fineness of powdered material: rubber powder is no stranger to us, since}SSS year England Hall invented the oil law (also known as methods) since the production of recycled rubber to achieve industrialization, powder is the production of recycled rubber intermediate raw materials. Waste rubber by a mechanical grinding powder is the main method of initial processing and utilization of scrap rubber, this rubber powder production method is commonly referred to as ground at room temperature, its made of rubber particle size is generally about 30 orders, production equipment mainly uses smooth or fluted two roller mills. With the expansion of powder use, Japan developed a continuous ground tire rubber powder production technology. It has used and recycled rubber powder produced a completely different grinding device, continuous production is a large rubber powder grinding method at room temperature. One after another in various forms at room temperature after crushing device used on the rubber powder production. 1970 before and after, due to low temperature process technology of development, United States, and United Kingdom, and Germany, and Canada, and Australia, and Japan, and Russia, and Ukraine and the China have built has waste rubber to liquid nitrogen for refrigeration agent low temperature crushed factory, low temperature method production different accounts number (48 ~300 accounts) of rubber powder II China also independent development has air expansion refrigeration of rubber powder low temperature crushed method technology, and in domestic built production factory two addition, and appeared has United Kingdom rubber and plastic Research Association development of wet method or solution method production rubber powder technology To produce powder particle size in more than 200, and in the United States and build factories. Recently to reduce production costs, improve application performance, Wuxi Boda rubber powder technology, Ltd integrated rubber powder production technology, developed at ambient temperature dip mix crushed rubber powder production technology in Shenzhen, Shandong province has built the largest powder production lines, annual production capacity of million tons of powder particle size for 401,120 purposes. Then back one after another in Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Beijing and Nanjing to build industrial rubber powder production line.
rubber powder of production method
rubber powder by production method can is divided into at room temperature crushed method, and low temperature crushed method and wet method or solution method; if by processing Shi rubber powder State points, can is divided into dry method and wet method; by crushed equipment is can is divided into roll rolling method, and disc method, and screw Rod extrusion method, and hammer hit method, and cutting method and polished method,.
at room temperature is the use of shear by crushing the waste rubber is cut off, crushed, divided into coarse and fine crushing process. Crushed at room temperature to room temperature rolling method and tire grinding method most commonly used two consecutive crushing method at room temperature is the main method of rubber production in the world, has a good technical and economic.
low temperature crushing method according to the freeze medium can be divided into different liquid nitrogen cryogenic comminution method and the expansion cooling air grinding method. The use of low temperature, make the rubber meet the glass transition temperature embrittlement and mechanical forces crush it. Liquid nitrogen by liquid nitrogen-intensive, expensive air expansion cooling ground, use refrigeration medium is air, liquid nitrogen method of energy saving, water saving, high efficiency and low cost.
in the industrialized countries, for dealing with waste rubber subsidies, so expansion refrigeration using liquid nitrogen and air crush chili and developing countries and countries without subsidies should be used at room temperature produced by powder to meet the market and achieved good economic benefits.
method is choosing the right medium makes rubber brittle, and then on the colloid mill for grinding. According to the suspension pieces and solvent swelling crushed two water suspension pieces for the surface treatment of the rubber powder grinding slow crushing is the use of organic solvents in the water swelling rubber powder grinding after, and then remove the solvent, dry powder. Wet or fine particle size, application performance is good, but its production requirements, use a large amount of liquid media.