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The presence of scrap iron and steel scrap, will occupy some space and funding, affecting the normal operation of the enterprise and, therefore, must find the reason of waste, prevention and treatment in order to guarantee the smooth production process.
1. What is a waste
(1). Too many individual stock of scrap iron and steel, consumption is minimal, inventory turnover is extremely low iron and steel scrap, it's scrap occasionally consume little, for example, bought many large iron and steel scrap, scene can not process. years cannot be used. Or simply can no longer be used. Stay 100% is available materials, features and functionality that are not lost original material at all, just stay put in the yard, not used.
(2) waste. Part of scrap iron and steel scrap was not used, "two waste" is different, the former a scrap is a raw material; the latter spent is pure waste. Loses value items. For example, infiltrates the impurities in scrap iron and steel, non conductive material.
(1) causes of dead stock.
material for many reasons, cause of stay charge exists in all sectors, identifying and analysing these causes, you can prevent it. Causes analysis of sub-sectors will stay below.
① production planning and sales departments, causing production plans change frequently, resulting in dead stock.
II scraps plans properly, poor materials management, inventory control, materials produced.
improper ③ procurement of iron and steel scrap is not available.
Black-scrap is not careful inspection, acceptance of iron and steel scrap have inferior goods, these defects become dead stock, poor
II market forecast, that sales are not allowed to due to the prepared scrap cannot be used.
(2) preventive measures.
for prevention is better than treatment, for dead stock, by Department to take different precautions.