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1. the principle
① scrap yard provide convenience in smelting production.
-II classification out of luck.
and aim at reducing transportation costs.
about reducing duplication out of luck.
steel density provide methods, weight, manual handling and transportation more difficult. Therefore, the need for handling, transportation machinery
operations. Commonly used machinery:
① transport, flat cars, dump car, tractor and other;
II trucks, cranes, catching steel, automotive cranes, backhoes, forklifts and so on.
3. scrap its storing, handling operating instructions
changes in transportation, guided instruction is a kind of normative documents, material scrap by operations personnel changes in transportation, provide guidance and basis for handling
(1) the role of changes in transportation, handling instructions and requirements.
① clear objective: to indicate changes in transportation, handling methods, clear steps to regulate its storing material handling, thus ensuring that scrap iron and steel
to the proper changes in transportation, handling.
② clear scope: transportation, removal of instruction appropriate for all occurred in the field of transportation, handling and loading
industry, also include external personnel in the field of internal transportation,
③ changes in transportation, handling instructions should include the following elements.
a. scrap steel to provide staff responsibilities.
b. equipment and tools used.
c. changes in transportation, handling.
d. loading methods.
e. Remove method.
f. stacking method.
g. specific changes in transportation, handling methods.
h. diagram of the appropriate guidelines.
i. changes in transportation and handling cost and method of payment.
j. changes in transportation, handling security matters.
k. considerations.
1. method of accident treatment.
about changes in transportation, handling instructions should be treated as controlled documents • months by the Ministry responsible for implementing managed on site should use a valid version of the copied file.