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Smoke the sky: emergency salvage station fire
17 day 21 o'clock, after receiving the news, reporters first to the salvage station in southern Tianjin bei Lu, reporters far away we can see clouds of smoke rising from the salvage station.
, police, fire-fighters have been on the scene pulled a long cordon around, South Tianjin North Road, which had been closed because the fierce fire, the fire department even sent out Aerial apparatus.
due to the salvage station is a seven or eight meters long, about 2.5 metres high fences directly prevented firefighters from extinguishing, forced firefighters to fire only four road.
a group of firefighters in the salvage station built attic ladder to climb up the wall control of fire, a group of firefighters with fire axes, shovels and other tools to break down the walls to assist fire-fighting, and two groups of firefighters from the salvage station main gate and side door used water cannons to stop the fire spreading.
through the efforts of firefighters, except for sporadic fire, a fire has basically been put out in the salvage station, but due to too many junkyards placed inside the scrap and waste renewed from time to time, therefore, firefighters continued to use water cannons to fire the flash point.
NaN Jin bei Lu, a salvage station in the city, within 8 days of fire 2, survived for the first time, the second fierce fire, covering more than 150 square meters, more than 50 firefighters and 12 fire trucks after 3 hours before I put out. According to the salvage station owner Wu introduced, for the first time as residents set off fireworks near fire, a second suspected by Fireworks "in trouble", burn boss Wu lots.
February 17 around 20:40 City South Tianjin bei Lu, a salvage station burst fire, raging flames suddenly rise several meters high, and will soon be consumed salvage station, the situation is urgent.
after the accident, City Fire Brigade immediately sent Jiahe road of huaxi road Squadron, Squadron, the secret Squadron 12 fire engines, disposal of 51 firefighters rushed to the scene. Meanwhile, City Fire Brigade attending command arrived on the scene in the first command. After about 3 hours of treatment, the fire was successfully extinguished.
it is understood that the fire burned area reached more than 150 square meters, the cause of the fire is likely to be caused by Fireworks, and before this new year's Eve, the salvage station was also due to Fireworks and a fire.
at present, the cause of the fire was still further investigation.
hear fireworks outside
yard 2 minutes after fire broke out under the guidance of
in the insider, reporters found the salvage station owner Mr. Wu.
"package I was inside the trash, suddenly heard Fireworks outside, and when I return to God, a large sized flames already burning up on the scrap heap. "Mr Wu said, after discovering a junkyard fire, he hastened to find water for fire fighting, but he just turned around and flames burning up all at once, see fire harder to fight, in critical condition, he left two employees inside the recycling station, call 119 for help.
soon, more fires burn more directly to scrap several roofed ignited inside the station.
big sister introduced according to nearby residents, when it happened, they were having dinner, suddenly I heard someone shouting outside and burst into flames, she hurriedly left the dishes out, adjacent to the salvage station has been completely engulfed in flames.
"at the fire had spread out on the roof. Fortunately, firefighters came quickly, got the fire under control in a timely manner. "Elder sister told reporters that the fire next to the salvage station, there are several liquid tank, if the fire spread, the consequences would be unthinkable.
"the power of the major areas of loop line to the first Temple Road as shown in. "According to the power company staff, after the fire, electric power sector would be immediately closed the area of the switch.
junkyards 8 days up 2 times fire
police station has requirements its half months within relocation
from onlookers masses mouth, reporter learned that, this times fire has is had new year to of second times: on in on new year's Eve night night, the junkyards has because near residents discharge fireworks firecrackers raised had fire, just last of fire than smaller, fire location and is located in waste acquisition station of door location, so fire Hou soon on was fire soldiers fight.
"this year's new year's Eve, the salvage station is also nearby public Fireworks and fire. "The scene of the fire, reporters found Fuyuan road, police station official, and confirm that salvage station were on fire from its mouth.
according to the official, after the last fire, they immediately found the salvage station boss Wu and his salvage station to move out as soon as possible.
"as the salvage station, greater in scale, so we give them half a month to move out, but a few days later, the salvage station fire. "The official said, they would salvage station to move out as soon as possible.
, fire brigade, according to the statistics, from 2012, the city's garbage recycling and trash fires reached more than 13, this is the mass number of times alarm fire turned out to participate in rescue, plus no statistics, similar fires maybe more.
so what exactly causes frequent fire? How should we face the problem of garbage Recycle Bin the bin mismanagement, this newspaper will continue to focus on reporting.
recycling believes that scrap as the concentration of flammable and explosive materials, prone to fire, to prevent fire, is strictly prohibited in the Fireworks around the yard, or lead to a disaster.