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A, sources of waste rubber
scrap rubber is a solid waste and also many kinds of waste rubber, mainly from two sources: scrap of rubber products, such as tires, adhesive tape, hose, rubber and industrial supplies, with waste tires; rubber plant rubber products in addition to the production process, the leftover and scrap.
main direct utilization of scrap rubber and chemical processing using two categories. Direct use is mainly used for tire renovation, conservation, marine fenders, sports and entertainment, orbital buffer and construction with ash bucket, etc. Processing and utilization of physical and chemical mainly used in the production of rubber, recycled rubber, asphalt rubber, thermal cracking and direct fuel use.
China is a rubber power, and resource utilization of waste rubber recycling and significance, the current annual consumption of raw rubber about 6 million t, ranking first in the world, as well as a rubber shortage country, about 45% of rubber consumption need to import almost every year, and this is difficult to change within a short period. Therefore, dealing with waste rubber, to make full use of renewable resources, get rid of plaque spent natural resources, reducing pollution, improving our living environment is very important. Main direction of domestic resource utilization of scrap rubber was rubber powder and the application of recycled rubber.
1. 3.1 utilization of scrap rubber powder production and application prospect of
the main methods of utilization of waste rubber is the production of recycled rubber and plastic powders. Production of recycled rubber due to energy consumption, low productivity, and long process of environmental pollution and other shortcomings, industrial production has been stopped in developed countries, mainly to produce powder. Recycled rubber production in China is still at the top, changed little in the short term, but the rubber powder in the long run is the direction of resource utilization of waste rubber. China is the world's first recycled rubber power, S00 production enterprises, with a total production capacity of 3 million years, the annual output is 2.45 million t. Powder production has just begun, existing suppliers of about more than more than 40 annual production of about 250,000 t, its production and application of a large gap with advanced countries. According to the rules of world economic development, to meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, as soon as practicable, recycled rubber industry development in China and solutions to make fundamental adjustments. Powder production and application is one of the most promising and effective in line with China's national conditions, should increase the intensity of application and development. Production method of
powder, mainly crushed at room temperature, cryogenic pulverizing method and wet method or solution crushing three. Due to the use of raw materials, equipment, refrigerating medium, production technologies, processing conditions, such as the different, causing gum rubber powder quality, yield, production efficiency, economic conditions are different. Regardless of the method used in the production of plastic powder and common purpose is whether it can be applied to industrial production, and can bring economic benefits to the enterprise. Ambient ground rubber powder production is the main method, and will in the future in the production of powder, ambient ground rubber powder will remain dominant.
changed from coarse to fine powder production, from ordinary powder and fine powder, micro-fine rubber powder modified powder of the development process. Certain granular powder under certain performance requirements, in the amount of mixing of polymer substrate are subject to greater restrictions (especially in the rubber base material). Improved powder mixed with the amount of their value, the rubber powder modified. Rubber powder modified, not only significantly improve the content, improve compatibility with the material, and combined with the tensile properties of compound, fatigue, heat, tear resistance, abrasion resistance is improved, extended the scope of application of rubber powder instead of rubber, improve the processing technology of the compound.