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Iron and steel scrap in poor inventory management, resulting in poor performance, inventory is difficult to play the role of economic benefits.
i. common scrap inventory management
scrap inventory management problems will affect the development of enterprises, mainly reflected in the following ways:
① procurement plans and inspection-free working efficiency is not high.
II procurement plans are not allowed to, management controls are not in place, or plans change frequently, or supply is not timely, the impact of production
③ material cannot be processed or waste excess inventory and processing time.
II inventory is too large, poor inventory control, funds tied up.
II ingredient used is not reasonable, too many losses, leading to higher costs.
⑥ downtime from time to time, loss of work too much or too much furnace thermal shutdown.
sadly storage space planning is bad, cause space use difficult. Storage space/warehouse design is not reasonable, scrap iron and steel piling
h management system is not perfect, not standard or does not follow, implementation is inadequate, resulting in different accounts,.
Krispy Kreme workload is uneven, causing disunity among the staff, have complained about or assigned work difficult.
⑩ no clear scrap inventory operating practices that make the job difficult, unclear responsibilities.
⑩ fluctuations affected by production plans, resulting in feed, your feed, feed in and out with no Shun and Liu, the accounts do not match.
⑩ waste disposal does not affect smelting.
13, low level of computerization of inventory management, inefficient.
II, iron and steel scrap inventory management improvement
① to establish a sound management system and pass standardized procedures, forms, jobs, and so on.
establish a clear responsibility.
③ reasonable planning and design, to maximize storage space. Built. vertical concrete material. In Figure 2-3, shown in Figure 2-4

use advanced management methods, such as 5S.
II clearly feeding mode and frequency.
f waste processed in a timely manner.
sadly, practical preparation of procurement plans and to do t reduce planned changes.
⑧ receiving, sending, deposit the original document classification number, clear and easy to read.