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Solution or wet ground

In General, ambient ground rubber powder produced by colloidal particles grain size 50 head; production of cryogenic comminution of rubber powder particle size at 50 ~200. wet or Chai liquid production of powder particle size in 200 l. Application of rubber powder produced by different methods vary, but still mostly ambient ground rubber powder used. Wet production of powder by crushing or solution is the most representative United Kingdom rubber and plastics Research Association (NAPRA)) called RAI''RA method developed by the new technology of producing powder. Recycling company which carried out in three steps, the first step is to coarse waste rubber, the second step is to make Sichuan chemicals or water pretreatment of coarse powder, the third step the preprocessed powder disc colloid mill crushing of input into ultra fine rubber powder. In addition, there are new methods of solution has also been developed in recent years.
2. 2.3. 1 United Kingdom wet or thick liquid grinding method for
United Kingdom rubber and plastics Research Association of development of waste II wet or rubber solution (RAPRA), by United States Gould Company obtained patent rights in the United States established Ohio manufacturing plant.
crushed particle size can be prepared by RAPRA method is 0. 210.020mm ultrafine powder, which can alone can also be used in combination with a new rubber compound, used in high-grade rubber, paint and other products.
RAPRA law can be divided into three, but are cats 1-11 the disc as shown in Figure 2,121 colloid mill crushing and processing.
2,122, stator of a is 1, b is the lower rotor, c is fixed to a steel plate at the top, by adjusting the screws d to adjust the inlet size of the e, f is the hopper, hopper feed mill scrap, after security screening g and into the grinding machine feed hole. H is the rotator, h of the centrifugal force generated, rubber pieces are given away between two millstones in the grinding Chamber, grinding, crushing.
in waste recycling in the application this method crushed has two a features: one is in crushed process in the, can keep lower of temperature, because in 100 ℃ of high temperature Xia, natural rubber and synthetic rubber of physical mechanical performance will will has must degree of declined, so, in RAPRA method in the, to strictly will temperature control in 100 ℃ following; second is with this disc type grinding machine crushed of rubber powder its particles surface for bump shaped, is Burr State. The powder particles as compared to other means of powder particles in the same volume, surface area, equipped with this rubber powder rubber compound, its reinforcement effect greatly. In addition, the powder is also easy to realize automatic transmission and automatic weighing.

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