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Series of environmental measures

Airport recently promised that by 2015, the carbon intensity in 2008 compared with 25% at the airport. Airports run by the AA Executive Director Wu Ziqi said, is being gradually introduced a series of environmental initiatives, to ensure that the apron's surface to minimize carbon emissions, projected a total investment of HK $ 260 million.
Wu Ziqi said the airport has been equipped with power-driven, there is no fixed ground power supply systems of internal combustion engines and the preset air system, after the aircraft arrived at the airfield. For example, he said, a B747 airliner built in auxiliary fuel generators per hour with an average of approximately 1.23 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, emissions from fixed ground power supply only the 15%.
he pointed out that the AA last year will gradually replace and upgrade old systems, enhance system performance, to attract more airlines, expects total investment of about HK $ 210 million, and by 2014 for the full introduction of the new system, to achieve "stop idling".
, according to media reports, the AA had already spent $ 12 million, bought 31 electric touring car, the goal is at the end of 2017, airside full electric touring car. AA will launch a scheme subsidized business partners will box RV replacement for environmentally friendly electric cars.
support of environmental protection, support, waste recycling, supports recycling company business, everyone can do their part to improve our living environment, promoting the harmonious development of society.