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Dynamic online shopping has led the scrap recycling industry is booming

If you found that with the popularization of e-commerce, online shopping has become a popular consumer behavior, every new year's day and Spring Festival, the opening season, "double 11" ... ... Regardless of whether the holidays in sales promotions, savvy online merchants will skillfully take to stimulate the consumption of all kinds, and of course, shop owners are happy. But the reporter found that every online shopping after the peak, residential or Office waste storage, packaging of goods will flood, fire salvage business.
Chen in chengdong district a cleaner community for seven or eight years. Every day, he is responsible for more than 10 buildings in the rubbish, then, put the garbage into the car to the refuse transfer station.
"in the past, with four cars a day would be finished, one to two years, with five or six cars a day, part of which is black, gray, plastic bag or garbage such as foam and cardboard. "Xiao Chen, these extra garbage, was bearing the delivery address, telephone express delivery package. From trash to get them out, Chen will leave them alone together, and how to sell scrap. "There were twenty or thirty dollars. "He said.
on March 14, the reporters came to the provincial capital of the Silk Road a salvage station. Boss is Mr Frederick FUNG is just a pile of old books fell out of the car, old boxes and a variety of solid waste weighing. Reporters saw and fell to the ground in this pile of garbage, there is the name of an Indian Express Company plastic bags and courier cardboard, pressed flat. To sell these things of old used to say, he sold 35 days time, garbage from units or individuals receiving, packed express foam, plastic bags and cardboard accounted for one-fifth of the total, can sometimes account for one-third.
recycling line for more than 10 years ' old Mr Frederick FUNG said that volume of recycling in recent years more and more species, more and more, year, light box with courier 1 time more than the previous year in the number more than doubled. "My daily trash, courier trash can 30%. Our line, also through the (Express) the glory. ”