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Mechanical properties of nylon

1) the thermal properties of nylon nylon heat distortion temperature
is not high, generally at 50---75 c, with a glass fiber reinforced can increase more than four times, up to 200 degrees Celsius. Nylon's thermal conductivity is small, only 0.16--0. 4W/(m " K)。 The linear expansion coefficient of nylon, and decreased with the increasing crystallinity. And with the knot crystallinity is decreased. Low linear expansion coefficient of crystalline nylon 6I0 as high as 13 x 1015, nylon 11 coefficient of linear expansion comparable to the SK 12.5X10 11.
2) of electrical properties of nylon
nylon refers to its dielectric properties and conductivity. As insulating materials of nylon, insulation performance indicators include: buckwheat and volume resistivity and surface resistivity dielectric strength.
many factors that affect performance, nylon is with the chemical structure is very important factor influencing properties of nylon engineering plastics. Nylon is a typical polar crystalline polymer. One of the most important structural characteristic is: macromolecular chain repeat unit contains amino group polarity phthalocyanine (-CONH-), in nylon molecules can form polymers '' dielectric constant and dielectric loss angular tangent value. Effect of impurities on the dielectric properties of polymers is also great, water will cause polymer conductivity and dielectric losses increase, thus, the dielectric strength.
, and thus, the dielectric strength. Nylon have good electrical properties, but its molecular backbone containing polar phthalic amine, is easy to absorb water (wet) polymer in use subject to certain restrictions, not suitable as a high frequency and insulating materials in wet environment.
(5) environmental performance       nylon-resistant good chemical stability, may be resistant to most organic solvents. Like alcohol, f, aromatics, and ketamine, in particular oil, and has become the first choice for automotive tubing material. But nylon bad acid, alkali and salt, which can lead to swelling, and the most harmful.