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The physical properties of nylon

Main characteristics
physical properties of polyamide
nylon look transparent or opaque white or yellowish granule, superficial horny, hard surface gloss. Nylon density (crystalline, amorphous phase density density and density of General molding products) aren't exactly the same thing. Nylon 6, nylon 6fi higher density, with the ammonia content and phthalocyanine molecular methylene keys (-HCO) decrease of nylon reduce crystallinity, density is reduced. Nylon is a semi-crystalline engineering plastics, there are crystalline and non-crystalline regions. Crystal Crystal called the percentage crystallinity. Effect of crystallization on thermal properties of nylon is bigger.
processing condition has some effect on crystallization of nylon, injection molding, mold at high temperature, melt cooling time is long, high crystallinity of products • and vice versa.
Nylon with high crystallinity has great tensile strength, impact strength and heat distortion temperature, mold shrinkage, small elongation.
nylon water absorption rate than larger agents, ammonia key to larger, high water absorption, specific for the nylon 6> nylon 66> nylon 610> nylon 1010> nylon 11> nylon 12> nylon 1212.
nylon are self-extinguishing plastic, burnt during combustion are wool or nail. Permeability is an important characteristic of nylon, nylon oxygen gas transmission rate and therefore has excellent barrier properties, is excellent in food fresh-keeping packaging material. Nylon barrier increased with the proportion of n-ammonia/methylene and improvement to the barrier effect of the nylon 6 best. Nylon 6 O2 permeability coefficients for 25~40rm3 • mm/(M2 · d · MPz) .    (2) mechanical properties of    in nylon molecules on the main chain of repeating units containing polar amino amide group, can form hydrogen bonds between molecules, Crystal, Intermolecular interactions, therefore, Nylon with high mechanical strength and elastic modulus. Mechanical strength and young's modulus increases with the nylon chain methylene and drop impact enhancement. Nylon on tensile strength and impact strength at room temperature is higher, but the impact strength compared to PC: high and POM. With the rise of temperature and humidity, sharp decline in tensile strength, impact strength is improved. The strength of the glass fiber reinforced nylon little affected by temperature and humidity.