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Plastic material selection program

Due to the rapid development of synthetic resins and plastics, plastic variety and number of grade increase, especially with the mixing and modification, enhancement, filling and modification of nano-technology and its application in engineering plastics, engineering plastics grade range.
plastic of varieties since is so range, they of performance and with can degeneration, so, plastic application of selection often to from plastic in the many performance of balanced to consider (package mention process and cost), and some performance data as wear sex, and impact sex is cannot completely acquisition measuring its using sex, sometimes and lack accurate reliable of design formula, so, most plastic rate of selection process is compared complex of • to can select out performance and processing process are meet warehouse with requirements of, and Try to appropriately requires system Bee materials using a variety of Park on the Gong Kuai to wash the material.
a complete design process, from conception, scratch (as shown in Figure 1-1). Selection in design process in the is a key steps, for specified parts of selection, most main of is consider parts of function and decided parts function of about material performance, while also to consider such as parts of features and taboo, and using Shi of outside conditions, and has no critical conditions, and makes worship life and using way, and maintenance method, and products size and size precision, and forming processing process production number, and production speed, and cost, and raw materials source and economic,.
should be fully taken into account in the design of the impact of various factors to prevent product malfunction or failure in the process was very important. These include both, on the one hand and environmental conditions is the use of environmental media, such as components to withstand the weight of the load and, shocks and vibrations and other machinery.