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Plastic material

Because of the abundant raw materials, manufacturing, processing of plastics, high productivity, low costs, high performance, and a wide range of applications. Increasing role in national economic construction, and became one of the most important engineering material. Plastic materials are the key to using plastic.
many kinds of plastic, there are more than 30} species, of which nearly 40 kinds of commonly used, in the face of so many varieties, how to properly select plastic material in order to meet the requirements of different products and technologies, is a more complex system engineering. Computer-aided design (C.AD) application and development of technology, to the design of plastic parts and plastic material selection has brought the Gospel. Amount of work in order to simplify the choice of material, usually plastic practicality to classify plastic parts.
plastic main practicality is a high strength, electrical insulation, noise reduction silencers, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other special functions. Plastic parts, transmission parts, wear parts, insulation, corrosion-resistant parts, etc.
1. 1.1 materials
to be selected in the objective is to ensure that products can function correctly, has a reasonable service life and minimum expenditure. So when you select plastic material, taking into account the following principles.
(1) physical principles should meet the requirements of various physical properties of plastic materials, mainly refers to the following points.
① mechanical properties shall meet the requirements of. That is required to run products work force type and correct analysis of the stress state based on selected materials. The indicators are selected plastic materials should be taken into account.
II thermal performance should meet the requirements. Engineering plastics are at work at a certain ambient temperature, so when the design selection, thermal performance is one of the performance should be considered.
③ electromagnetic performance requirements should be met. Electrical and electronics products for the product in question, therefore, must be considered in the selection of this performance requirement. Optical properties of
II shall meet the requirements of. This performance is crucial for communication optical fiber.
(2) chemical principles of the chemical stability of materials should meet the requirements. Due to the many types of plastic products, ever-changing work environment, so appropriate to the product selection of specific work environment, and to ensure normal operation of the product.
(3) manufacturing principles when choosing materials, should be fully taken into account and meet the adaptability of material for manufacturing processes.
(4) economic principles should be considered when selecting materials minimize the cost of plastics in order to achieve optimal economic result.
(5) security principles apply to electrical work environment and characteristics of electronics products, mainly related to the following points.
① electrical safety issues. Related products from voltage and current caused by excessive heat and overheating, serious overheating caused by partial combustion and lead to fire accidents, electrical and electronics industry with plastic insulation, Corona resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant performance indicator must be consistent with the requirements of the relevant standard.
II fire safety issues. Products should meet the requirements of fire safety and environmental safety, so the material must be fire resistant, self-extinguishing, smoke less and less toxicity and so on.
and aim at health and safety issues. Some products such as kitchen appliances, appliances and so on, will have a direct or indirect contact with human skin, this material should be taken into account in the use of plastic material for stability, toxicity and residual monomers, additives and fillers, such as toxicity, mobility, choose materials comply with health and safety requirements.