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Waste plastic recycling solid shear pulverization technology

Solid state shear pulverization technology developed abroad in recent years, a continuous comminution of polymer processing technologies. This technique uses pressure and shear force interaction of polymer material in its melting point and glass transition temperature with elastic deformation l grind, unsorted mixed waste polymeric materials can be added an l to use powder.
first, the technology can will plastic industrial waste and the life plastic waste and color raw materials phase mixed, production out from coarse particles to Super fine grain diameter of uniform colored powder, and can will various color of waste plastic mixture crushed into for color uniform of products; second, the technology can achieved different polymer Zhijian of height mixed; third, the technology can quickly, and effective to achieved compatible sex poor of polymer system of total mixed composite; IV, the technology can achieved on waste rubber for fine crushed, Output of the powder can be used in tire manufacturing, rubber modified bitumen, polymer/rubber composite material, thermoplastic elastomers,  waterproof membrane, laying track, cover, venues of sports venues, sound materials, insulating pads, shoes and rubber hoses and accessories.
solid-phase shear smashing one of the advantages is that it directly applicable to use powder feed processing technology and micronised action is required. In addition, the mixed waste polymeric materials, raw polymeric materials and mixtures can be achieved by a crushing and 11 can different polymers initial compatibility without the need to have a compatible media. If necessary, crushed grains and fillers, reinforcing agent, flame retardant, antioxidants and other surfactant mixture used in the plastics industry.
solid-phase shear smashing technique is a dynamic process of solid state, needs about 1/5 energy consumption in cryogenic comminution, and can produce a finer, more uniform powder.
solid-phase shear shear grinding and crushing mechanism
solid-phase based on impact, collision between the traditional grinding method has different crushing mechanism, generally considered ' with the elastic deformation of grinding mill there are similarities. Polymers in the solid shearing and crushing process crushing feet of an "evolution explosion", polymer under pressure the elastic deformation, elastic potential energy stored under shear deformation caused by the explosive release of polymer micro-cracks in the rapid expansion of, tandem, and eventually into new crack surface free energy. This macro-performance polymer materials "avalanche"-style pieces.
process of crushing is the process of molecular chains became smaller, its shape before the rubber, unvulcanized linear structure, linear structure after curing into a netlike structure, this is as a result of a s connection for c-c bond. Solid shearing and crushing process of substance 1. sulfur bond cleavage is a part of the process, that is, fracture process of desulfurization process and molecular bonding of rubber, solid phase occurs during shearing and crushing part of the desulfurization and chain break, after which produced a new small molecule chain, thus crushing purposes.
solid-phase shear smashing the advantages of
are hard to find in the many methods of waste rubber particle an economical and energy-saving method of the chemical structure of the compound. Method of solid-phase shear smashing j contact can do it, powder products manufactured with the original compound has the same mechanical properties.
at the same time does not change in the process by using a solid-phase shear smashing method     in its crushing of waste rubber recycling in a variety of ways, or due to the conversion of energy utilization low or because of
cryogenic comminution consumes a lot of cooling gases such as liquid nitrogen increased the economic burden, makes the application of these methods in industrial production is limited. And the solid-phase method is at room temperature or near room temperature conditions of waste rubber and crushed into powder: and can be crushed to pieces, powder particles can reach can be controlled.
2. crushed on further inspection, no change in
also found at high pressure, shear deformation is a series of Mechanochemical effects of harsh conditions in room temperature conditions can be achieved. Plastic processing machinery, such as single-screw and twin-screw extruder as well as other types of application effects of mixing equipment, powder or granular material displacement deformation happens, Miao echo volume, form a chemical reaction to very small temperature dependence, to speak at room temperature to avoid polymers under high temperature degradation and cross-linking.
the original rubber, powder • pregnancy break did not undergo chemical changes in the structure of the process of using crushed powder [1 products can be obtained from the original products with similar chemical structure.
3. rubber powder products has good of mechanical performance
through on die plastic Hou rubber block and original rubber material of elongation rate a, (material elongation Hou in length and material original length of ratio), and are stress s (role in material Shang of force and material original cut area of ratio of compared value) compared can see, in same stretch stress of role Xia die plastic Hou rubber block try pieces elongation rate to than original material of elongation rate big.